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NJMCDirect – Pay Parking Tickets Online

New Jersey Court is the owner of the web portal Whether you are a resident of New Jersey who have been ticketed for a violation in the state or somebody who have recorded traffic violation in New Jersey, you could access NJMCDirect site to settle them. The site not just provides convenience but also information that answer your questions and concerns.

What Should You Prepare Just before Accessing NJMCDirect?

Visit the municipal court office when you’re encountering issues with the website . Once your ticket is issued, you need to wait for four days before you could view on the site.

To make sure smooth transactions utilizing the portal, ensure you have the following requirements ready: License plate number, Ticket number, Ticket prefix, and Court ID. Check your ticket before paying it online.

How to Search for Traffic Ticket on

Go the website and search for the Traffic Ticket Search. You could find it on the upper right side of the page. Once there, you will see 2 choices, namely the Search for Traffic Ticket and Time Payment Order. If you arrive at the page, fill out the needed information correctly.

The provided links will also let you know how to make use of the features located on the site. When you learn to make use of NJMC Direct properly, you will be surprised at how easy it is to make payments through the site.

Viewing Your Traffic Ticket from NJMCDirect Website

You can now make online payments for traffic tickets through the NJMCDirect website. There is no need to visit the offices personally because you can make online payments through the portal now.

If you’re a resident beyond New Jersey but you have received tickets in such state, you can use the website in order to settle them at home. Just transact if you are have already the necessary details.

Any information you enter in the website would be recorded by the site accordingly. Follow the steps to get a successful payment for traffic tickets. First, you need to see to it that you have all the needed details ready including your Mastercard and Visa. At, select the Continue button to load another page. Look for the Search for Traffic Ticket or Time Payment Orders link and click on it. Provide the following information: ticket prefix, license plate number, and Court ID number. Once finished, the website will provide you another set of instructions for the payment process.

This is an easy way of paying for the tickets. Aside from the less hassle transactions it provides, there are also other benefits when using this portal.

Access to Pay Parking Tickets and Traffic Tickets

With technology continually growing, you have the Direct Payment Link to save you from any hassle of traveling to the office only to make ticket payments. Now, you could pay for the tickets through a site.

Keep in mind that the Traffic Ticket Search link is situated at the upper right hand corner of the page. To explore the site more, select Continue.

You can click the links named ¡°help¡± and ¡°feedback¡± for more information about navigating the website. A few features become unavailable and those links could help them address the problem. Keep in mind also that there is a schedule to when you can make use of some features and make payments based on your ticket.

You could use the NJMC Direct instantly if you are an owner of a Visa or Mastercard. If you do not have cards like this, you have to pay at the office directly. This is the schedule that you need to follow in order to know when you should access the website:
Monday to Thursday: 7:30 AM – 11:45 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM – 10:45 PM
Saturday: 7:30 AM – 3:45 PM
Sunday: 1:00 PM – 11:45 PM

Following the instructions above, you’ll definitely make paying for tickets faster and easier.

Reviews Page of NJMC Direct

You could also comment about the services of the NJMCDirect site. The reviews page of the website can be accessed here.

You could feedback by first keying your name, e-mail address, and pick a feedback reason. Afterwards, provide information about your ticket status. Copy the CAPTCHA image into text. Click Continue to complete the procedure.

The NJmcdirect Payments services is operated and owned by the New Jersey Courts. You can use the features in www NJmcdirect com Make sure you would be able to present the information of your license plate number and also your traffic ticket.

Their office is in 4th & Cooper Street and you’re welcome to visit.

If you wish to contact them, contact them at: 856 – 757 – 5021

Make use of the following scheduled time as guidelines in knowing when to pay for parking tickets online:

Between 7:30 AM and 11:45PM (Monday to Thursday)

Betwwen 7:30AM and 10:45PM (Friday)

Between 7:30AM and 3:45PM (Saturday)

Between 1:00PM and 11:45PM (Sunday)

If you were issued with parking tickets and traffic tickets in New Jersey, you can pay for them very easily through NJMCDirect.

FAQs of NJMCDirect

You will have to pay a convenience fee in return of the services given by NJMC Direct. The website generally accepts ticket payments via Mastercard or visa.. Contact the New Jersey Court if you encounter problems utilizing the site.

Make sure you have the needed details (license number, ticket, ticket prefix and court ID number). There’s no possibility you could search for your ticket using you license plate number only. The site only displays tickets which have been issued in the last four days.

Driving suspension shall be imposed upon the driver, preventing him or her from driving both commercial or personal car when the violations were serious.

Ensure that your ticket contains the best specifications. Warrant issuance is forbidden on the paid tickets and it is important tickets to be on Time Payment Order. Moreover, the violation you have committed should be payable. Otherwise, this page won’t display details about your ticket.

If your ticket is paid, its information will just last for 3 months in the site. If you want the details but you cannot find it even before the date it was supposed to be deleted from the database, ask assistance from the court. You can get the info from them.

If you want some more guidance for NJmcdirect, you can refer to the blog here for it.

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